The Alan Burnham Ultra Hard Christmas Quiz!

Remembering JAD
£50 first prize

Stuffed full of Christmas Cheer? Have a go at the Ultra Hard Christmas Quiz!

Make the most of being locked down or possibly up and take on this Christmas stinker. It's worth entering even if you only answer half the questions! Answer as many as you can and post to The Alan Burnham Really Hard Christmas Quiz c/o Searchline Publishing, Searchline House, 1A Holbrook Lane, Chislehurst, BR7 6PE or email (with CHRISTMAS QUIZ in the subject line) to arrive no later than midnight 4th January 2021. Don't forget to include your name and address. There will be prizes awarded to the top three most correct answers. Good Luck!

First prize: £50 cash.

Second prize: Double hammock kindly donated by One Stop Scouting

Third prize: A year's subscription to Scout and Scouting.

The Alan Burnham Ultra Hard Christmas Quiz 2020!

1. On a recent Bake Off, the contestants had to make a Swiss roll. Having done that, the next item was a dried fruit delicacy in flaky pastry. I immediately saw a scouting link ……what?

2. a) Link Ormond castle, Hercules and Ylvis to a scouting activity

b) Link 0.001435 km to a horse’s behind

c) Find a link between Burton on Trent and Le Creuset

d) Link Haribo with Spanish in a UK context

3. A support for each month of the year, a diameter for each day of the year and a height for each week of the year…what is it?

4. Why would a passenger on the Shaukiwan Tram be considered reasonable?

5. Who would have been a) the Thirsk British Legion's next door neighbour, b) a former resident of the Grantham Living Health Chiropractice, and c) visible from the Manchester Royal Infirmary across Nelson Road?

6. Why might a resident of a city in Argolis be a philatelist?

7. Link each item to the previous one:

Peter Pan's nemesis, Mi Amigo, Nottinghamshire’s Police HQ, Styria, the 1975 and 2014 Eurovision contests, and S J

8. a) What distinction does the Isle of Wight have roughly twice a day?

b) On a similar theme, how come Cornwall moves vertically by around 10cm roughly twice a day?

9. Which king from Scotland is a knight and, also a Brigadier?

10. What do Danish pastries, croissants, Swedish meatballs and Tikka Massala have in common?


Ice                   Shirt                Tegan              Allow

Lolly                Oprah             Ono                 Grub

Leola               Broad              Godiva            Buck

Stag                 Orch                Broad              Ent

For fans of Only Connect, this is the Wall. Basically sixteen items that have to be divided into four groups of four. The four items in each group are linked, the groups are not linked.

12. What did John Hughes, Mahonri Young, Lee Blair and David Wallin all achieve?

13. New Zealand 85, Wales 58, Massachusetts 45, South Africa 44. Explain.

14. What possible link could Scotland have to the Parthenon and the Colosseum?

15. Whips Retrial Decoded. What is the significance?

16. Murder on the Orient Express. What is incorrect about the title of this Agatha Christie novel?

17. A man with a flat cap, a moustache and a cat became which inventor and his companion?

18. Divide this list of nine British birds into three groups of three, and explain why: Firecrest, Great Bustard, Osprey, Common Crane, Cettis Warbler, Red Kite, Little Egret, Mediterranean Gull and White Tailed Sea Eagle.

19. What has Rolanda Hooch in the Devil's Crown done that the original, according to legend, never actually did?

20. Motorways - everyone’s bane in life. But consider a one mile stretch of three lane motorway, one carriageway only, filled only with cars, each doing 70mph and managing to keep to the two second rule. How many cars are in our one-mile section? Assume a car is 5 yards long and the two second rule is from the rear of one car to the front of the car behind.

If 48 additional cars joined our one-mile section, assuming the two second rule is still adhered to, and all cars move at the same rate, what will the speed now be?


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