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During lockdown we've been playing more than our fair share of bingo over the internet. Ours differs from online bingo where you play on established websites against hundreds of other people whom you don't know and lose loads of money. Our internet bingo was based on downloading bingo cards and nominating one of the players as the caller each time. However it soon became apparent that the only reason for using pre-printed bingo cards was to lessen the chances of more than one player calling "Bingo!" at the same time - something that wasn't really much of a problem between friends. We had been playing so many games that we were beginning to run out of sources of free cards. The answer wasn't long in coming - make our own! We researched the various types of bingo card and then decided that we would throw the rules out of the window and write our own.

Since we started on these new cards we have honed the cards and the rules but Sssssnake Bingo! was one of our first reincarnations. We will include others in future editions of Scout and Scouting but for now enjoy the fruits of our thoughts!

How to play Sssssnake Bingo!

The object is to get from the tail to the head by crossing off the numbers called.

Print off the template, one per player per game.

  1. There are twenty-five white squares. Each player writes the numbers one to twenty-five in the white squares of their sssssnake in a random order. One number per square, no duplications / omissions.

  2. Players take it in turn to call out a number. Any player whose next number to be crossed off going up the sssssnake matches the number called each time can cross it off.

  3. The first person to get to the sssssnake's head by crossing off all the numbers is the winner.

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