Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games

Issue 4

My name is Tibor and I am the cub leader for the 44th Croydon Air Scouts. I have had the privilege again this summer to have been involved with the Paralympics. It has been a hard time for everyone over the past two years and touch and go that this great sporting event in Tokyo would even happen. So to experience the joy, pride and positive nature of these super athletes that they could represent their countries and take part in the Games that they have worked so hard for was an unbelievable experience.

I have been involved with these Games since 2012 and made some great friends with the athletes. It was fantastic to see them again and to make some new friends too. This year was more special personally for me for two reasons. These Games proved that even though the world had gone through such a hard time and all of the athletes had to overcome even tougher hardships than normal and to overcome recent personal tragedy with the added event of the pandemic they never gave up. It is very inspiring. I met many new athletes that had overcome tragic accidents or had been disabled from birth who told me their stories of how they had persevered and not let their disability stop them achieving their goals. This one stuck with me the most: Justin at the age of eighteen was an up-and-coming high school athletic star; unfortunately he was shot and his spine was damaged. This left him paralysed from below the waist. Five months after leaving hospital he decided to call his local adaptive sports federation to enquire about wheelchair sports. He then tried various sports and eventually took on the Javelin as an event. His sheer determination combined with great coaching and help from his fellow athletes saw him representing his country just six years later. He was such a positive person who never gave up. He was so proud, excited and grateful to be at these Games. It was humbling and a privilege to meet him and all of the other athletes.

He and all the other athletes from around the world showed greater strength and determination. The pandemic was not going to stop them achieving their goals and to show the world how we can unite through hope, determination and the joy of sport. To me it also embodied the values of scouting we all follow - integrity, respect, care and belief - that all the athletes from all around the world showed in these Games.

Secondly it gave the world this year a further message. "We The 15" is sport's biggest ever human-rights movement to end discrimination. Its aim is to transform the lives of the world's 1.2 billion people with disabilities who represent fifteen percent of our global population and to make the world aware that discrimination is still there towards those with disabilities. It's a campaign to build a greater knowledge of the barriers and the discrimination that people with disabilities face on a daily basis at all levels of society. Furthermore that we need to break down these barriers so all people with disabilities can fulfil their full potential and be respected as vital members of our society. As a cub leader I am proud both individually and as a member of the scouting movement that does not discriminate against those with disabilities and in fact embraces and encourages those individuals to join and grow and play a vital role in making scouting fun and rewarding for all.

Through our help and encouragement maybe one day we will see one or more of our ex beavers, cubs or scouts in the future standing on the podium receiving their medal.

Tibor, Cub Leader, 44th Croydon Air Scouts

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A game that can be played over the internet

Issue 2

Thank you to everyone who let us know how much they enjoyed playing Sssssnake Bingo from Issue 1 with their young people. Although it was designed to be played over the internet it doesn't have to be, it can be played with everyone present in person.

What we like about Sssssnake Bingo is that, apart from the template, it is a DIY game where participants get to choose where to place their own numbers. The same is true for Figure of 8 Bingo which moves from going in one direction to going in four. This keeps everyone on their toes. It is also a much quicker game because you have four chances of crossing off a number each time instead of just one.

How to play Figure of 8 Bingo

The object of the game is to cross off all the numbers called.

Print off the blank template. A copy can be downloaded here. You will need one per player.

  1. There are fifty squares. In the larger box at the intersection everyone puts in number 1.

  2. Each player puts the numbers 2 to 50 in the squares of their figure of 8 in a random order. One number per square, no duplicates / omissions.

  3. Starting at 1, players take it in turn to call out any number. Players whose next number to be crossed off in any of the four directions from the number 1 matches the number called each time can cross it off.

The first person to cross off all the numbers on their figure of 8 is the winner. There may be more than one winner.

Sssssnake Bingo!.jpg


Issue 1

A game that be played over the internet

During lockdown we've been playing more than our fair share of bingo over the internet. Ours differs from online bingo where you play on established websites against hundreds of other people whom you don't know and lose loads of money. Our internet bingo was based on downloading bingo cards and nominating one of the players as the caller each time. However it soon became apparent that the only reason for using pre-printed bingo cards was to lessen the chances of more than one player calling "Bingo!" at the same time - something that wasn't really much of a problem between friends. We had been playing so many games that we were beginning to run out of sources of free cards. The answer wasn't long in coming - make our own! We researched the various types of bingo card and then decided that we would throw the rules out of the window and write our own.

Since we started on these new cards we have honed the cards and the rules but Sssssnake Bingo! was one of our first reincarnations. We will include others in future editions of Scout and Scouting but for now enjoy the fruits of our thoughts!

How to play Sssssnake Bingo!

The object is to get from the tail to the head by crossing off the numbers called.

Print off the template, one per player per game.

  1. There are twenty-five white squares. Each player writes the numbers one to twenty-five in the white squares of their sssssnake in a random order. One number per square, no duplications / omissions.

  2. Players take it in turn to call out a number. Any player whose next number to be crossed off going up the sssssnake matches the number called each time can cross it off.

  3. The first person to get to the sssssnake's head by crossing off all the numbers is the winner.

Do you have any great games? Write to us at


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