Letters Home from Camp

The choice of film is so important.

Dear mum

On Sunday for a treat we were allowed to watch a film. We were inside which was fun. We watched an old film that was called "The Great Escape" about some men escaping from a camp. I don't know why they couldn't just've walked out but Freddie said that we couldn't just walk out of our camp. Then he said that maybe we should try to escape. He got hold of a shovel from the mess tent. David [leader] said it was a toilet shovel for emergencies. We couldn't dig in the hut because it had a concrete floor and the leaders were in the bedrooms so we thought they might hear. We thought we could just dig in the field but then we would be seen then we thought of the woods but it was a bit scary so Freddie said we should start in our tent and then we could dig down and then go sideways under the fence. It was only about fifty yards because we measured it with paces and Freddie said that it wouldn't take long. In the film the men got rid of the earth by putting it in their trouser pockets and then emptying it down their trousers. On Monday night we were awake for hours and we took it in turns to dig and we dug a hole in the middle of the tent but first we had to make a hole in the ground sheet. We dug so much all our pockets were full up and we had nowhere else to put the earth and it was quite wet so David asked us in the morning why we were wearing dirty clothes but we didn't say. Then on Tuesday night we dug some more and we filled our rucksacks with the earth and Freddie could stand in the hole and he disappeared up to his waist then he found a branch or something so he attacked it with the other end of the shovel that had a pickaxe bit on it then there was a hiss and then water came spurting up like a fountain only in our tent and not outside like at Trafalgar Square and we put our coats on but it was like being in a shower only the water was coming up and down instead of just down and in the end we had to go and wake David but we're not in trouble because the hole had filled up with mud so no one else knows except you and we're now in a new tent but further from the road so there's no chance of escape now and I think I may need a new sleeping bag. And a rucksack. Sorry.

Love George xxx


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