Rex Hendricksen has sent in some great ideas

Whilst putting together this first issue of Scout & Scouting Rex contacted us in response to our appeal for those with some ideas for content that others would love to get in touch.

We had exchanged emails in the past; Rex has an extensive collection of scout games books and wrote to tell us about some of them. He mentioned theme nights and that he could get hold of activities based on clothes pegs or balloons or mouse traps. This last one sounds fun! He said that he picks an item then invents activities based on it.

He's continued to send us ideas for stunts, pioneering and songs - all very useful stuff that we will pass on in these pages from time to time.

One item that he sent us immediately caught our eye. In Robert Baden-Powell's Scouting for Boys he describes Kim's Game thus:

"Place about twenty or thirty small articles on a tray, or on the table or floor, such as two or three different kinds of buttons, pencils...and cover them over with a cloth...Then uncover the articles for one minute...Then cover them over again. Take each boy separately and let him whisper to you each of the articles that he can remember...The boy who remembers the greatest number wins the game." Pity the poor boy that was last to go! Rex's take on Kim's Game is to use two photos of mostly the same objects but in slightly different positions. You can show the scouts the first photo A for a minute or so then replace it with the second B and see who can write down most differences. In this way the game can also be played online. Thanks Rex - some are stinkers! The separate photos can be downloaded HERE.

There are 22 primary answers: Hand fork turned around; Type of screwdriver changed; Screw changed silver to brass; Screwdriver bit changed; Tape changed to 8cm was 10 cm; Rawlplug changed and moved; Knife turned over; Scissors open; Cord knot changed reef to sheet bend; Allen key introduced; Nut removed from nut bolt; Tin of paint turned around; Gwax turned through 90 degrees and moved; Cup hook changed brass to silver; No leather thong on fork; Pencil has changed now has rubber on it; G clamp closed and adjuster in the air; Paint brush changed; Pliers closed; Wire brush turned over; Stanley knife blade in; Battery changed


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