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The Alan Burnham Ultra Hard Christmas Quiz 2022

Christmas Quiz 2022

Here we go again with the world's most cryptic quiz!

We have three double hammocks as prizes kindly donated by One Stop Scouting

Email your answer to by 28th February 2023.

Good luck!

1. What connection might a barque named Illovo have to Scouting? Furthermore, what connection might a French 74-gun ship of the line s have to a sister organization?

2. What number space have I parked my car in?

And speaking of numbers, how can 9 + 8 = 5 ? Having answered that, what circumstance would make the answer 4 ?

3. a) Henry McCarty, b) Opera by gum, c) Sleepyhead, d) Pilgrim Fathers, e) Wearyall Hill, f) Monty Python, g) US Flag Link a to b, b to c, c to d and so on.

4. a) Who went to Rye to buy a pair of Kippers? b) Who did Sam help on the farm? c) Who’s favourite song was Clementine? d) Who built (with his cat) a town for lost toys? e) a demigod hatched from a swan’s egg, Fonteyn with an E, a 2014 Lalique perfume, a Norman Poet and Chronicler. What are the English equivalents?

5. What product was advertised? a) A protest march of small boys carrying placards, numbers swell as the march progresses b) A girl singing on a hilltop. Numbers of singers increase until there is a throng from many nations c) A Sloane Ranger being coached to speak in a “common” accent d) A surprise slap from a large man. Was he from Seville? e) A striptease in the laundrymat? f) A chuckle when poked in the belly?

6. a) How did Bubbles get a total of 8 years of airplay? b) What bubbles have you got to hold on to in case they fly away? c) Define tea with cassava root extract d) Link Japan with tulips and housing

7. A bogus Neolithic burial chamber, a limestone monolith, a packhorse bridge, three oaks….though one is gone and is now a road, a wood, two instances of three stones….though in both cases the stones have gone and in one case is now a farm. What are these and what do they represent. And when you have figured that out, how did a monument, said to inspire Tolkein, go one better?

8. a) A goalkeeper who played for, amongst other, Birmingham City and Hibs, became whose pen name? b) Where is the Fort by the Bridge? c) Where is the Market Town of the Belgae? d) He took his first names, Latinised them, reversed them and anglicized them to create his pen name. Who?

9. An ornamental plant of the mint family, An old world monkey, Akela, Brilliant Raptor, Remembrance flower, Water Lily, Morse’s car, Male chicken, Shere Khan, Boot polish, Deliverer of babies, zubr, relative of chrysanthemum, Pavo, emerald version of game-bird. Sort into five groups of three.

10. a) Three Barleycorn? How long is that? b) 54 cubic feet of coal? What’s that called? c) A link? How long is that? d) How much land can an ox plough in a year? What about a pair of oxen or a team of eight?

11. What do the following have in common? The Creighton mine, Lhasa, Troll A, and Copacabana Beach

12. The numbers 1 to 19 are all the same type of item in the entertainment world, excepting three which require a very minor addition to be the same thing and one that is from a different form of entertainment but is very much related. Explain!!!

13. Apple, Mango, Banana, Tomato, Parsnip, Yellow Pepper, Celery, Potato, Onion, Carrot, Avocado, Divide these into two groups which obviously won’t be equal and are not fruits and vegetables! Justify.

14. Random Trivia a) Who are Billy, Lucas, Hercules and Monty b) Apart from being the two closest to the sun, what do Mercury and Venus have in common. c) How long is Frances’s longest land border and with which country? d) Lincoln Castle, Inverary Castle, Alnwick Castle. Whats the link?

15. White cross on blue, blue over red, yellow cross on red, yellow cross on red, red and yellow diagonals, blue white red white blue, white and red vertical, yellow cross on red, black dot on yellow, blue square on white, red white and blue vertical, white cross on blue, white blue vertical indented, blue square on white

16. Vulture, water, hand, vulture, shelter, vulture, stool, stool, two reeds, water, reed, quail, two reeds, reed, vulture, mouth

17. a) Great Kneeset bears 276 degrees. Hangingstone Hill bears 76 degrees, Dinger Tor bears 324 degrees. Current magnetic deviation is approx. 0.5 degrees west so can be ignored. Where am I? b) I am in UK waters heading 240 degrees. I can see a white light flashing every 5 seconds off the starboard bow bearing 60 degrees relative. Fine on the port bow is another light flashing 4 seconds on, 2 seconds off. Which harbour am I making for?

18. a) Find a link between Guns n Roses and Buddy Holly, also Twisted sister to The Who b) On a similar vein, link David Suchet to Peter Ustinov, also Nicholas Ralph to Christopher Timothy c) Furthermore link Sean Penn to Will Smith, also Russel Crowe to James Marshall

19. a) Flowing in a narrow channel through rock, almost narrow enough to step across but 5m deep. Where is this dangerous section of river in the UK and what’s it called? b) Indie/psych band from the north of England who could also be an electric bike c) A ranger of the north

20. Snowflake, Point Down, Victory, Snowflake, Raindrop, Victory, grumpy, grumpy, Point Right, flag, grumpy, neither happy or sad, raindrop!!

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James Collins
James Collins

It's been a year now and still no answers published. What is 54 cubic feet of coal and who bought those kippers???

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