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Issue 1: December 2020

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Launching December 2020

Scout & Scouting is a new magazine with a difference - it is for everyone. Whether you are a young person, a leader or a parent Scout & Scouting is for you!

There is going to be plenty to amuse, entertain and excite you.

There will be articles on outdoor skills - camping, bushcraft, water sports and hiking; features - fun stuff such as activities, games and skits; competitions, prizes, freebies and offers; resources, help and advice.

And what's more - it will be FREE for the digital version!

Scout & Scouting will be available by email (free). There will also be a print version for a small subscription that includes a free book of games.

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Here's some of the things that will be included...


There will be a feature on favourite campsites. Do you have a campsite that you love? Maybe you run a campsite. Write to us and let us know!


We'll  have articles on the best watersports (apart from jumping off a jetty) and where to do them. Do you have a passion? Let us know!


We'll throw down some challenges. How about one where you have to put up a particular tent in the quickest possible time? Tell us about a challenge that you would like to do.


You'll find out about some of the best activities around. Maybe you would like to tell us about yours?


Tell us about your greatest adventure. We'll include it in Scout & Scouting for everyone to read!


Do you know any good routes? Write in and let us know. We have a few of our own and we'll tell you about them!


Give something back to your community. We have some ideas - do you? Tell us!

Camp Food

What are your favourite things that you like to eat on camp? How do you make them? Let us know! We'll tell you ours - sticky, messy, runny... you can eat anything on camp!

Book Reviews

We'll tell you about some of the latest books that are being published. If you would like us to review your book send it in! Perhaps you would like to review one that you've read recently?

Equipment Reviews

There will be reviews of equipment. Do you have a piece of equipment that you couldn't do without? Write to us and let us know! Would you like us to review a piece of equipment? Send it in!

My Favourite Gadget

We will look at the latest gadgets. If you have a favourite gadget write to us and tell us about it!


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