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Lightweight folding tables and stacking benches

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Scout & Scouting is for everyone. It is contributor-led. Whether you are a young person, a leader or a parent Scout & Scouting is by you and for you!

We at Scout & Scouting would love you to contribute - an article, story, drawing, review. Anything - whatever your age. Would you like to contribute? Send it to us at info@searchlinepublishing.co.uk or Contact Us!



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Issue 1

What's included - something for everyone!

Quiz concept, inscription on pencil.jpg

Stuffed full of Christmas Cheer? Have a go at the Ultra Hard Christmas Quiz!

Make the most of being locked down or possibly up and take on this Christmas stinker. It's worth entering even if you only answer half the questions!

First prize: £50 cash.

Second prize: Double hammock kindly donated by One Stop Scouting www.onestopscouting.co.uk.

Third prize: A year's subscription to Scout and Scouting.

Fort (2).jpg

We show you how to convert any sofa into a fabulous fort!


We take a look at six apps for walking in town or country, rambling, hillwalking and route planning.


In one day in September around 600 books were published. We have distilled thousands of titles down to just three that we can recommend. (There are others that we can recommend but these three we particularly like.)


Camping 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022.


Wrap up warm this winter! We tell you how to do so - which material and which part of the body.

Kid's Art Supplies

Who needs real snow? Find out how to make some paper snowflakes using a sheet of paper and some scissor skills.


Forget sweet chestnuts, there millions of acorns around this year! Find out what to do with this free food.


"What we need is a great new idea."
Discover a fundraising idea twith a mark up that can exceed 1000%.

Sssssnake Bingo!.jpg

Sssssnake Bingo! is a very entertaining game that we've devised that can be played by all ages either all together or over the web.


Charles and Marco spent a few weeks in the summer walking across the Swiss Alps.
Read about some of their adventures as they tackled the Via Alpina National Route 1 from Sargans to Montreux.
Discover some examples of Swiss hospitality and find out about some flying cows.

Letter home from camp.png

George writes home with a story about a great (attempted) escape.


Giles Jones gives us his favourite and his least favourite camp gadget.


Squirrel, Otter, Rabbit and Bear relate their experiences of a pirate camp.

Cute Girl

25 questions for the whole family - everyone will get at least one correct!

Tea Loaf.jpg

There are plenty of young people who don't like tea but love Tea Loaf. We give you our recipe for four greedy people.


James Black takes a look at the Quechua 2 Man Pop-Up Blackout Tent - 2 Seconds 2XL. Did he love it or loathe it?


Rex Hendricksen has shared a devious (that is to say almost impossible to get 100% correct) version of Kim's Game which can be played online.

Performance Art

Short sketches to amuse or entertain - maybe both.

Web Directory.png

Companies to help you do what you do best.


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Gopak Scout and Scouting 2020 half page.


Lightweight folding tables and stacking benches

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