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Why should the kids have all the fun?

Available as a download and paperback. Paperback includes a free poster.

Intelligent, erudite, charming, playful, adventurous, disciplined, obedient.

That's the young people.

Then there are the leaders.

These badges are for them.

Scout Leader Badge Book details over one hundred fantastic badges for the leaders to do whilst the kids are busy doing theirs - after all why should they have all the fun?

Everything that you can think of is included. It's nearly an A to Z. Topics include Angler to You Don't Want To Be Doing It Like That not forgetting classics such as Beer, Explosions, Hair Alight, Napping, Poker, Raft Building, Time In The Water and many, many more.

There's even one for the parents called Car Share.

Each badge comes with a full description of its requirements and most with an illustration of the badge that can be awarded, probably to yourself.

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A Look Inside...


Parascending is a very adventurous activity much loved by scout leaders. You will learn to fly a canopy that is towed into the air by vehicle or winch before gliding back down to land. Heights of over two thousand feet can be obtained.

To gain your badge

1. Attend a parascending course and learn how to:

  • Use the equipment properly

  • Self-release the tow line

  • Launch

  • Land safely

  • Collapse and field pack the canopy

2. Attend your first parascending flight.

3. Put on your harness and adjust it to a comfortable fit.

4. Tell your instructor, "You're not getting me up with nothing more than a dodgy old parachute even though I love the colour. It looks far too dangerous."

5. Go and find the on-site café. Most of them do a cracking Victoria sponge.


All 114 badges on one huge (A2) poster!

All of the badges in Scout Leader Badge Book are on this colourful high quality 420 x 594mm poster.

Poster A2.jpg
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